If you received an e-mail from Ur Marketeer Advice it isn’t spam and we have no intentions of filling your inbox full of e-mails to “win” your business. More than likely the reason we emailed was to make your website better, even if it’s not us doing the updates.
It’s likely that while researching for current projects we landed on your website, noticed there were a few things not working correctly, and we sent information for you pass along to your web personnel.
If for some reason you no longer have contact with your web designer or you have become too busy to keep up with it feel free to browse options below for ways to hire Ur Marketeer.
We hope you found our email valuable and that it will help you better serve your customers.
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Does your website embarrass you?

Why it’s so tough to build a Website

Tech Savvy??? There is dozens of website platforms to choose from, WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, Wix among a few. Which do you choose and once you decide know you have to learn the program. And once your finished is your website everything you wanted it to be?

Content. It’s not enough to just have a great layout. Now you have to fill it with information. Copywriting, landing pages, squeeze pages, sales funnels and much more. And if you’re putting together an e-commerce site the product pages need great product descriptions not to mention the great headlines.

Images. Professional photos, cropped and optimized for your website.

Frustration. How do you add a headline, where do you change the font color, what about changing the font? Adding pictures, resizing then resize again. Save them as png 8 or 24, maybe just a jpeg but why are gifs getting so much attention and how do I create one?

Having a web presence means you control what people see and think about your company and brand. I strongly suggest you get a website even if it only consists of a homepage and contact page.
Wordpress is my go to…


Why I am obsessed with WordPress!

  • Quick to get a website online
  • Easy to make changes
  • Adding features are a snap with WordPress plugins
  • Themes are plentiful and inexpensive
  • The learning curve is minimal

These websites can be set-up by those with little knowledge of code, and the WordPress community is amazing at helping you find solutions!

If you’re looking for a company to setup your WordPress site I am happy to get you started, and introduce you to all the greatness that is WordPress.

If you want to go the journey alone Click Here

One of my favorites for

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Great Place to Find
Wordpress Themes



If you find yourself in need of updates we can usually fix broken links and missing photos quickly.

It’s also advised that you ask to get Google Analytics hooked up if it’s not already so you can track web traffic and other important stats for future upgrades.

Packages starting @ $99.00

If you find yourself in need of frequent updates signing up for an update package may make the most sense.

Our packages are designed to fit most business needs. Receive discounts on services on signing up for quarterly, bi-annually, and yearly packages.

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Re-Build starting @ $850.00

If you’re unhappy with your current website and ready to have a web presence that actually reflects your brand and supports your business goals consider hiring Ur Marketeer.

It’s also advised that you ask to get Google Analytics hooked up and setup tag manager. You can track web traffic and other important stats for future upgrades and better design and layout tailored exactly to how your customers interact with your site.