Survivalist Marketeer


It’s not uncommon for us to not know the expectations that are put on us. Success and accomplishment can change day to day, project to project.

Time Management & Prioritizing

One of the most difficult things to do is to say NO! We want to be helpful but  out the team and when the boss offers more responsibility we happily took it on.

Handing Off The Marketing

A difficult chat with the boss maybe needed. If you find yourself avoiding the work it time to find someone else on the team that would enjoy it.

How Can We Help?

Marketing Help

I don't have a choice I have to figure this out. But I don't know what I should be working on each week to get it figured out.

Low Bandwidth

I like marketing, but I have a lot of other work I have to get done each day. How do I prioritize and get things accomplished?

No Bandwidth

I hate marketing! I want to talk to my boss about handing over the marketing to someone else on our team. We'll show you how.

Get Organized

Marketing takes consistency, which means you need to schedule your marketing