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Marketing Audit


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  • Review of up to 3 Competitors.
  • Current Marketing Strategies Review.
  • Social Media Audit.
  • Review of your Sales Process.
  • Advertising Audit

This audit is great at exposing any missed opportunities with focus on Marketing, Advertising and Sales.


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Website Audit


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Focuses on improving your website’s performance and Lead Generations Opportunities.

  • Keyword Opportunities.
  • Social Media Access.
  • Opt in opportunities.
  • Page Speed.
  • Calls to action.
  • Above fold opportunities.


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[custom_list style=”list-7″]An audit gives you information and changes to convert traffic into buyers. A.M.P. is your company’s 3 month marketing and advertising plan.

  • 3-month Action Marketing Plan.
  • Advertising goals will be set.
  • A laser focus on your customer.
  • 3-month Editorial Calendar.
  • 3-months of Free Advice.



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