7 day Marketing Plan Development e-mail series

Is this worth my time to create?

In short,YES!

How would you feel, knowing that every decision you need to make to reach your goals is already spelled out.

How much time could you save everyday when you already know how to respond to demands, questions to move your company towards it’s goals.

Have you ever been approached for advertising, sponsorship or partnerships? Was your decision based on strategy or budget?

Are you starting to see the value of a marketing plan?
Your marketing plan gives you the road map, complete with red lights to navigate almost every decision that needs to be made.

You will have direction and focus. Which means that your time is spent on the things that move you towards your goals automatically side stepping actions that don’t.

In a week you could alleviate the distractions moving you away from your goals.
Clear direction, creates more time to do the things that creates more revenue. Clear focus keeps you on track to achieve goals. Your plan means that you will know how to fit all the pieces together to track your success and be flexible and knowledgeable to create the changes necessary to keep your company moving forward.
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Still unsure if this is right for you?

This email series will give you the tools and actions needed to complete your marketing plan and make 2015 your year of achievements!

When you sign up for the email series you will get a welcome message that will break-down each days topics.

Each day you will receive an email that will give you a piece of the puzzle to complete. Each email will have the necessary worksheets, videos and info to complete each piece. Each part of the plan will take 1-2 hours to complete.

This is completely free!

  • Free Support
  • Free how-to videos
  • Worksheets

Day 8: you will have the option to send in your marketing plan for review. The only catch is you have to send the completed marketing strategy to me by noon on Sunday!

Ready to take action to get your plan completed?

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