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A.ction M.arketing P.lan

You get Direction, Knowledge and most importantly Action!

  • Direction, gone are the days of saying I need to get my marketing plan done.
  • Knowledge, you will know what your competition is doing.
  • Action, after you receive your AMP Packet you will be ready to get the plan in motion!


A.M.P. is your marketing strategy. This is different than an audit, an audit gives you information and changes to convert traffic into buyers. A.M.P. is your company’s 3 month marketing and advertising plan. The plan will take into account your advertising budget and will be a mixture of advertising mediums. Your marketing mix could include cable advertising, social media to guest blogging. This plan includes everything that you need for 3 months of marketing your company.

[one_third]In your A.M.P. Strategy:

  • Advertising goals will be set
  • A laser focus on who your customer is
  • You will learn how to track results
  • A look at what your competitors
  • A 3-month Action Marketing Plan
  • A 3-month Editorial Calendar
  • Free Advice for the plan duration

3-Month Marketing Strategy: $545.00

[/one_third][one_third]Single Campaign A.M.P. Strategy:

  • Advertising goals will be set
  • Customer targeting focus
  • Help getting pricing/ finding contacts
  • A look at what your competitors
  • A 1-month Action Marketing Plan
  • Free Advice for the plan duration

1-Month Marketing Strategy: $350.00


See a sample of what is in the plan


The difference between the Single Campaign A.M.P and the A.M.P.?

Single Campaign will only consist of a Marketing Strategy for one media for a month. If you need help putting together a commercial script,  negotiating pricing, finding contacts or finding a social marketing theme for the month, “Ur Marketeer” will help you get everything completed on time. As well as free advice throughout the duration of your marketing plan should problem arise.

Whereas, A.M.P. is a 3 month complete marketing Strategy using multiple medias to get maximum results from your marketing.

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