Developing your Marketing Strategy 

For optimized advice and solutions we suggest clients get started with an Audit.

How will an audit benefit your company?

  • You get an in-depth review of your website or marketing
  • It finds your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Keeps you focused on what is important, getting more sales.
  • It gives you solutions to problem areas that keep your customer from purchasing.

**This is not a requirement to purchase your A.M.P.**

Just looking for some advice?


Go Beyond a Consult!


Marketing Audit

Gets you focused on your Marketing, Advertising and Sales Process.
  • Review of up to 3 competitors.
  • Review current Marketing Strategies.
  • Review of Social Media Use.
  • Review of the Sales Process.

Social Media can be a integral part in future revenues if you have a successful marketing strategy.

Want More Fans & Followers? Want to know where to use your Advertising Budget?
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Website Audit

Improve your ranking, drive more traffic and have a website that converts.
  • Opt in opportunities
  • Funnel Strategies
  • Social Media Access
  • Keywords (based on your industry)
  • Page Speed
  • Calls to action
  • Above fold opportunities
  • SEO

Get valuable information to turn visitors into buyers.
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Action Marketing Plan

An audit gives you information and solutions to convert traffic into buyers. A.M.P. is 3 months of driving traffic and building your brands awareness.
So what all do we look into?
  • Advertising goals will be set
  • A laser focus on who your customer is
  • 3 month Action Marketing Plan
  • 3-month Editorial Calendar
  • 3-months of Free Advice

Want to be able to track your results? Want more ROI from your advertising?
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Content Management and Single Marketing Campaigns

[tab title=”Social Media Content Management”]

Social Media Content Management

If you have an A.M.P. you can hire me to manage your social media pages at a discounted rate.

  • Posting daily to your pages with both curated and created content that you approve.
  • Monthly analytics & Social media marketing strategy.
  • Your Social Media will be optimized for gaining the most fans and followers

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[tab title=”Single Campaign A.M.P”]

Single Campaign A.M.P. 

Sometimes you just need help with a single marketing campaign. If you have A GOAL in mind and need someone to head up your project than this is a cost effective option.
I will help you brainstorm, get pricing, find contacts and anything else the project entails.. I will also come back at the end of the campaign to review results and offer suggestions for the next run.

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