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Optimization First

What will you gain from optimization?

  • Understand your Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Discovery why Customers don’t purchase.
  • Solutions to issues in your sales pipeline.

Optimization, review every aspect of your business from the eyes of your customers. Realizing the big picture of what your company is successful at, and what can be improved upon to bring in more traffic which will convert to buyers.
Lastly, optimizing will find anything that may distract customers from purchasing, which is a major advantage going into building your Action Marketing Plan. Your  A.M.P. can be integrated gaining results. Bottom line you get where you want to go quicker.[/two_third]
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Marketing & Sales Evaluation 

Boost your sales and customer brand experience:

With your evaluation you will realize missed opportunities and gain a better handle on what information drawls in your customer.

  • You will get a review of up to 3 competitors
  • A review of your current Marketing Strategies which will find your missed opportunities.
  • A review of your Social Media pages and a list of improvements to increase your fans and followers.
  • A review of your sales process to discovery any missed Opportunities.
  • Social Media can be a integral part in future revenues if you have a successful marketing strategy.

This eval is great at exposing any missed opportunities and will help you focus your efforts with your Marketing, Advertising and Sales Process.
In the evaluation report you will also get solutions you can incorporate to improve what you already have in place.
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Website Evaluation

This is where you start, a website evaluation?

With your evaluation you will get a detailed report of what your website is doing well for you and what isn’t working at all.
Your eval report will give you valuable information that you can then take to your webmaster to have them update.
So what all do we look into?

  • Colors of your website
  • Font
  • Funnel Strategies
  • Squeeze pages
  • Opt in opportunities
  • Social Media Access
  • Keywords (based on your industry)
  • Page Speed
  • Calls to action
  • Above fold opportunities
  • If you have web analytics we will review that information, or we will set-up Google analytic on your website and track it for a month.

Your Eval Report will break down all of our findings and give you actionable solutions to improve website performance and lead generations opportunities.
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What an Evaluation doesn’t do:

Your audit won’t give you a marketing strategy.

  • Audits will find issues that need to be resolved, so that your marketing strategy yields a higher payout.

An audit doesn’t include “Ur Marketeer” creating or making the changes needed to improve your marketing or website to increase your bottom line.

  • However, we do offer those services, should you need them.