What’s a Discovery Call?

A discovery call is just a fun open judgment-free conversation about your business. We’ll talk about your biggest marketing obstacle and the steps you need to take to overcome them.

To get the most out of our time together fill out the form in as much detail as possible. Then at the bottom of the form choose ONE or TWO areas you would most like to work on during our discovery call.

After you submit your form we will be in contact to confirm the time and date of our discovery call. Your invoice for $49.00 will be emailed to you and must be paid before the day of our consult.

There are no refunds for the Discovery Call. Should you need to reschedule let us know as soon as possible. We will reschedule the call only once.

**Only book if you are truly ready to work through your marketing challenge.**


Business Marketing Framework Phases

Phase 5


Upsell | Communication | Brand Ambassadors | Reviews

Phase 4

Sales Conversions

Service Packages | Terms & Conditions | Delivery

Phase 3


Customer Profiles | Messaging | Marketing Tactics

Phase 2


Tools | Processes

Phase 1


Direction | Goals | Differentiator

$49 | 30-Minute Marketing Discovery Inquiry

Why do you charge for the Discovery Call?

Free isn’t a good motivator for high achievers. Free means you only have to make a commitment to lose 30 minutes of your day. The small investment of $49.00 ensures you are committed to making your business successful.

Preferred Option

Preferred Option

Alternate Option

Alternate Option