A 4-week e-mail series to turn up your creative crank!

Hello, fellow Marketeers

This program kick starts your marketing foundation and teaches you how to tune into your creative crank. Creativity isn’t a mystical gift only given to a few. In fact, I myself wouldn’t say I’m creative. However, when I work with people, they often comment and are amazed by my “creativity”. It’s how I process a select set of information that leads me to my “creative” ideas. This email series will guide you through collecting the right information so you too can produce creative ideas.

This series also creates the key documents that every company should have available to the keep both in-house and outsourced projects on Brand. And if you’re really ambitious you can use this series to create a “Branding” on-boarding process for future employees.

Who Should Buy the Program?

The Marketing Creative Crank series is built for established businesses that don’t have a marketing framework in place. While it can be great for start-ups you need to be far enough along in your business growth that you have steady customers and at least one product/service that has proven successful for at least one-year. If you are through that phase of business it’s a great time to develop the framework for your future employees and for outsourced collaborations.

How is it Delivered?

The Marketing Creative Crank is a 4-week series. Delivered to your email box 5 days a week. Each week covers a different phase of building the marketing foundation. Each email contains questions or tasks for you to complete. Some days will take a few hours to complete while others will only take 15 minutes.

It’s important that you complete the email tasks daily. The series is designed to build from the previous email. It also ensures that you won’t get overwhelmed.

The real hidden gem of the series is walking you through the creation of documentation that will serve you and the life of the company. One of the biggest time wasters of a marketer’s day is making redundant decisions. Great documentation also prevents hours of work that resulted in off-brand assets and numerous edits.

Marketing Creative Crank Weekly Schedule

Here’s what we’ll cover.

Week One: How you stand out in your market

The first week we explore your industry and your mission. Learning and documenting what makes your company Stand Out in the industry.

Week Two: Customers

The second week we dive into the lifeline of any business CUSTOMERS. Understanding what attracts customers or drives them away. This week we go beyond demographics. Learning ways to add value and build a relationship.

Week Three: Branding & Sales funnel

The third week we dive into the brand/personality. We’ll dissect a few of your products/services and map out a meaningful sales cycle. This is more than knowing features and gaining a sale. You will create a plan for attracting each type of customer and you will have a way to optimize that system going forward.

Week Four: Turning on your Creative Crank

The final week is all about turning on your creative crank. Analyzing the information we have developed in the previous weeks and cranking out ideas to start testing.

The beginnings of any great marketing strategy start with good creative ideas.

Ready to be a Company Hero?

First, we offer a few options to meet you where you are.

First option- Emails without weekly guide add-on $97.00

This option is great for self-starters that don’t need added encouragement to keep you on task.

You will receive each e-mail without interruption during the series. We will support you via e-mail at Advice@urmarketeer.com. We will happily answer any questions you may.

The second option – Additional support to keep you on track $297.00

We always start with the greatest intentions to complete a goal. But as days pass it can be difficult to stay motivated much less on task. Which is why we offer this option. We want everyone to be successful. The truth is, if you complete this series not only will you be a better marketer but you will also have all of the processes in place to make your marketing easy to execute.

Each week you will need to send in your worksheets and we will review them and give feedback to help you improve every aspect of your marketing.

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Our Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the e-mail series for any reason email us for a full refund within 15 days of starting the program. We offer a 50% refund of purchase price within 45 days of starting the program. Contact information can be found at the bottom of each email.