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This email series will map out your company’s marketing strategy basics for the rest of the year.

If you’re a company of one or one thousand you need to set your yearly goals and have a marketing strategy.

This email series gives you the tools and knowledge to develop your company’s marketing plan and get you on the road to success for 2015.

How will it work?

You will receive 5 sections over 5 days. Each email will contain a piece of the marketing plan for you to complete. Some sections can be completed quickly while others may require you doing a bit of customer research. If you don’t have time to do an in-depth marketing plan no worries. You can give your best guess at the parts you are unsure about and then go back and recreate those sections as needed.

What you will discover is that a marketing plan is a living document that should be updated as often as needed to stay competitive in the marketplace and as consumer behavior changes.

A completed marketing plan will give you direction, set goals and lay out the road map for achievement. As well as save you time and money.

Should you run into any roadblocks while creating your marketing plan just shoot me an email.

I do everything I can to make marketing a fun experience so enjoy the process and I’m here if needed.




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