Google Analytics

Improve your marketing with real-time data

You’ve spent hours researching how to advertise your business. You’ve crafted the perfect ad and launched it into the world. You know that advertising won’t change your sales overnight but you only have so much budget and hope you’re not blowing it.

You’ve hired the experts and your account executive is very knowledgeable about their advertising service.  You’re certain with their help you will create sales and make your money back. I mean it’s their job, surely they would KNOW if your business will be successful advertising with them. You think my budget is in good hands.

You’re hopeful that you have finally found a way to market your company that will increase sales. That will spread the word about your company and ideally go VIRAL. You just wish you could be better informed of how the advertising is working.

Your expectations aren’t unreasonable. What if I could show you how your marketing is performing beyond just sales? What if there was a free tool that could help you quickly gauge your advertising success rate. A tool that will show you not only how interested people are in your offer but could also show you potential clients that didn’t convert and give you the access you need to stop leaving money on the table.

Google Analytics with the help of Tag Manager and Search Console can give you real-time data that you can use to market your business better!

Here’s the thing, when you ask people what they want from you some customers may be completely honest while others will make suggestions they think you want to here. If you have ever brought in product based on customer feedback only to find out just a few people actually purchased it, you know first-hand that customers don’t always help you make profitable decisions.

Asking customers directly is always a great way to gather data. But why not add another layer of research to back up those customer’s responses based on an actual action that has been taken. Not just someone saying they would.

All three Google services are free to use. If you aren’t currently leveraging these services it’s time to add these to your marketing decision-making arsenal.

Examples of the data we can collect:

  • Overall consumer behavior
  • How your website is navigated
  • How people are searching for you
  • Your best web referrals
  • How your marketing is performing
  • Your local reach

We encourage businesses from all industries to inquiry and see what the power of this free google service can do for your business.

If you need our help we offer the following options:
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Option 1. $197.00

This is a basic option which is great if you or have someone that can add code to your website.

We will log-in to your Google Account and set-up your Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console.

After we understand everything you want to track we will set up your reports and give you the code that needs to be added to your website.

Option 2. $297.00

In this option, you get everything from option 1.

After 45 days we will go over the data that has been collected and make suggestions to optimize your website and improve your marketing.

Option 3. $379.00

This option includes everything from option 1.

Plus we will add the code to your website.

After 45 days we will go over the data that has been collected and make suggestions to optimize your website and improve your marketing.