consult2It’s a great time to get marketing solutions and take action.
If you’re ready to upgrade your marketing, make a bigger impact with customers and end this year strong, you have found the right solution. This opportunity only happens twice a year, I love consulting and problem solving so I drop my prices to make it more affordable.

During your time with me, get real world advice about your marketing strategy and work flow. This year I have an additional bonus!

Last year I had a lot of questions about setting up google analytics and social media pages. I also got many questions about setting up wordpress sites. So this year I have decided to follow-up each consult with a video that will walk you through whatever you need with step-by-step instructions.

Why am I doing this?

First it ensures you’re able to take action, and secondly it gives me relevant content to share with my awesome community. I was blown away last year by how many people are DYIers and when you’re bootstrapping it’s important that you get tasks done and save money. And for those that outsource you will know what it takes to complete tasks therefore, making informed decisions on what those processes should cost to complete. I feel it is my obligation to save my clients money and give them the resources and knowledge to protect their hard earned money.

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For best results 

I encourage you to fill out the form, the more time I have to prepare for our conversation the more specific and helpful I can be. Be looking for an email from Adviceaturmarketeerdotcom to schedule the date and time!

Looking forward to collaborating and setting your marketing strategy on FIRE!

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