If you have a desire to help grow ideas, grow businesses and ensure the customer has a great experience this is the perfect gap for you to fill.

The Purpose of Marketing

I believe the purpose of marketing was best explained by Seth Godin  in This is Marketing, “To make change happen”.

We do that by gaining enrollment for a chance to tell them a story. And better yet to have that story make an impact.

What Do Marketeers Do?
Marketeers are value-based marketers. We set the bar for our customer’s experience and expectations.

Skills that Transfer to ANY Career Path You Choose!

Organizational Skills

Planning, prioritizing and teamwork are all skills you can take wherever your career path takes you.

Collaboration Skills

Problem solving rarely is just a one person job. You're a team player sharing your ideas and effectively implementing what benefits the team

Communication Skills

Learning how to communicate your ideas takes empathy. Understanding your audience and how it effects what they care about.

Find The Gaps

You can wait to given an opportunity or you can create opportunities for yourself to explore and make yours.