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Nothing keeps us in the dark more than a business that has no clear direction, brand, or marketing strategy.
But what if we could be the ones to transform the business and help it achieve even its loftiest of goals?

We have an opportunity to influence the direction of the company. To stamp our fingerprint on the brand for years to come. Leaving a legacy of possibilities for the next in line should you choose to advance in your career.

Marketeers craft remarkable marketing funnels because we weave it within a story that others are inspired to share.

Rachel started UrMarketeer as a place for marketeers to gather, share experiences, so elevate each other and go further. In today’s marketing landscape, we believe every company needs someone in-house that’s relentlessly focused on customer experience. Capable of infusing the brand’s DNA into every touchpoint of the marketing funnel; which is actually an hourglass.

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